Who We Are

Studio Creative Eye is a photographic imaging that was started in 2015 in Homagma Sri Lanka.With a background in business and an education in photography we decided to become self employed and En-grooved Splash was created. We started out with product photography, head shots for models, wedding photography and fashion shoots.

I love to create beautiful, simple and authentic photographs that are timeless and simple.
One of the biggest compliments that I receive on a regular basis is that I am unobtrusive, which I believe enables me to capture the special moments and genuine emotions of the day. Natural, candid shots make up a big percentage of my images, but I also love beautifully styled fine art portraits. I enjoy working with natural light as much as possible, so that the images of your special day look exactly how you remember them.

I like to focus on the intimate and true moments of your wedding, to create images that tell a genuine story that will last forever. Not only will I document the ceremony and the formalities, but those extra little moments which will give so much pleasure in years to come.
I love to use my camera to help tell a story and photograph people approaching their special day and during the best day of their lives, it simply is THE BEST! To see that connection between two people is unreal and when captured in a photograph it enables that moment to last forever.


We spend time,

  • Getting to know you so that each photo we capture reflects your style and personality.
  • We take the time to carefully plan and craft the best strategy for capturing every perfect moment of your special day.

We are continually experimenting with new and existing photographic techniques and styles, allowing us to offer you a fully comprehensive choice of packs.We work with depth and soul. Every day is a potential portfolio award winning opportunity, our aim is for every client to be our biggest champion.Our style of photography is often referred to as Documentary Photography. Each carefully considered image conveying a decisive moment, yet collectively working as a flowing narrative.

We feel strongly that, as important as our expertise behind the camera are, so is our ability to get along with you, the client, in an unobtrusive yet engaging way.

At venture Studio Creative Eye we recognize that we all have our own character and passions….. and as we grow up, our interests and experiences gradually shape our character to make us ever-more individual. It’s this that writes the story of you, and your family.

We understand good composition and our vast experience allows us to deliver the same consistent high quality on every commission we undertake. Whether it is a simple portrait or group picture, traditional or contemporary in style, our highly trained photographers appreciate the importance of capturing the spark that makes each of us unique.

We believe in providing Priceless wedding photography. Our passion and commitment to attuning to people, gives unique insights to instances of real connection. Hearing and understanding the shared vision for your wedding day. How we can compliment, capture and convey your story.
We anticipate, recognize, attune and respond, to all of the subtle and not so obvious wedding day energies. It’s what keeps us alive creatively, pushing forward within our work as a Creative Eye Photographer.

Studio Creative Eye